I count my lucky stars every day to have found a way to navigate that old cliché of being both a country mouse and a city mouse simultaneously, and I've snooped around enough to know I'm not the only one. Hardly. You can find country-city mice tucked into the most unusual spots, but also the most "normal" places.

Raised in California, educated in the east, and cracked open by the mountains at 21, I understand how varied so many of us would like our lives to be. I appreciate how hard it is to capture the breadth of human experience in one lifetime. But here's to trying. 

I created Little Moving Spaces to celebrate my love of designing and styling tiny and unique spaces, as well as to find and share all the special treasures I've come across living in that zone between wild places and cool city spaces.  Maybe you live somewhere in the Arctic circle as a scientist, or in Cincinnati as a teacher, or are a shoe-fetishist from the West Village, any-which-way I want to bring the products and services to make the wildest life you can imagine for yourself more attainable. 

How'd I land here this way in particular? It went something like this. (I want to apologize for the ridiculously long nature of this bio and its likely TMI nature, so stop whenever you are bored. I would.)

But here are some basics: I hold a bachelor's from Columbia University, a master's in International Relations from Yale and a licentiate from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture. I have worked as an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School, an NPR 'All Things Considered' commentator and an acupuncturist in private practice. I'm the author of the forthcoming book, 'All Over the Map' and a walking talking clearing house for all things sorta outdoors-y and alternative. Next to writing, I enjoy nothing more than finding and styling unique spaces, objects and services to help others further the dream of their own becoming. I am also the author of the forthcoming website, Plagiarize Already, a giant letter vault for that awkward email or serious letter for that life situation you can't seem to find the words for. As a writer, I am eternally grateful for the generosity of David Shields, and to the communities of Bread Loaf, Squaw Valley and Aspen Writer's Foundation. And to Barry Lopez, for the fact that his words on the page exist, and to which I return again and again. 

As a designer it is my mother who taught me everything I know. And by the time I blasted out my first couple of yurts, fairy beds and threw in a school bus guest house, I realized designing was just going to HAVE to combine with my writerly life. 

As for the outdoors-y part, I've navigated the mapless terrain of the Southern Ice Cap, run off-trail marathons, surfed (badly) across Baja, paddled the Broken Group and open-water swum the waterways of Kenya. I've camped through the white outs of Burning Man, slept under the hanging glaciers in the North Cascades, ice climbed in New Hampshire, hiked my way through the Tetons, kayaked Andean fjords, and road tripped from Africa's Great Rift Valley to good old Highway 80.
So that's pretty much it. I write. I design. I get to wild places as often as I can. I snoop for cool stuff I think you might like. All because I think it's ok —in fact it's of service — for you to be the most unique version of you you could be. I know I don't know any better about than you than you, I only enjoy the chance to add to your own unfolding.

I live between my yurt in Jackson, Wyoming and a tiny 1920's beach cottage in Venice Beach, California.