Little Moving Spaces is the love child of Megan Eaton Griswold — who believes it's totally normal to both pack raft in Tasmania  without looking in a mirror for a month AND traipse around in a spectacular pair of Stella McCartney platforms (maybe not on the same day). To know its possible  to horsepack Patagonia's Soler Valley AND still have a brilliant career at whatever it is you want to be brilliant at. And yes, it's ok to wear mascara and bug spray simultaneously. True elegance can also mean being incredibly rugged, spare, and unexpected all at the same time. The wide range of our desires isn't something to feel guilty about. Complexity makes us sexy. 

So come check out the tent you never thought possible or the life coach that can help you get to both the real and imagined landscape of the adventure of your life. Search. Shop. Create. Imagine.

Take your dreams seriously. What else is there?